the pop shop show is back!


National Popcorn Day was the revival of the Pop Shop Show! You can watch Episode 30 right here if you'd like, but here's how it works:

  • Every 3rd Friday we go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram at 6pm

  • We bring in fun guests, games, and giveaways

  • BUT the most important thing is a TOP SECRET flavor that is ONLY sold through the show.  We announce the flavor, sell a limited amount, and then that episode's flavor is gone forever.  You won't want to miss any show because it's your only chance to get a truly one of a kind, handmade, delicious indulgence. 

  • We're not joking about this.  After our first show we had many requests for the secret flavor after the show, but it was too late. 

Tune in for april's pop shop show on april 20th at 6pm!


Episode 31 of the Pop Shop Show!


Episode 30 of the Pop Shop Show!

Until then, watch more episodes of the Pop Shop Show below and on our Youtube Channel!