32 million americans cannot read

More than 14% of adults in the United States of America are illiterate, and more than 20% cannot read above a 5th-grade level.  Much more simply do not read.  The average American reads less than one book every year, and 6 out of 10 American households do not even buy a book once a year. 

The results of illiteracy are clear and tragic.  3/4 welfare recipients are considered functionally illiterate, as well as 3/5 inmates in our prison system, and perhaps the saddest statistic is that 85% of juvenile offenders have difficulty reading.  We believe passionately that something must be done to help children learn to love reading early.  

What can be done?

Lisa's is striving to eradicate world illiteracy one book, one child at a time.  We collect used book donations to be redistributed to Title I schools locally, as well as engage in community activities to increase the love of learning and self education.  While our voice and influence may currently be small, you can help us do more.  Call 1-801-544-4255 today to learn how you can help, or send us an email at passionforpopcorn@gmail.com.