Some Flavors Just Didn't Make The Cut


We've had some questions lately about our ever-shrinking flavor list. In the last two years we've gone from 83 flavors to 63, now finally to 38.  No we aren't going out of business, no we aren't punishing customers (though sometimes it hurts when your favorite flavor didn't make the cut!). It's actually something the Lisa's team is REALLY excited about.  

There's a few really good things that we've seen as we have started to reel ourselves in a little bit over the last two years. 

  • IMPROVED QUALITY! We're a small business, it's not practical for a small business to be AMAZING at 83 different flavors.  We're honing in on what matters most, and the result? Better Popcorn.  

  • YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR ALWAYS IN STOCK! Over the years we've seen a lot of frustrated customers because their favorite flavor never seems to be here.  We listened and have heard you loud and clear.  We now are able (for the first time ever) to stock EVERY flavor, EVERY day. The only exception to this would be National Popcorn Day and our Summer Sale where we anticipate selling out of almost everything. 

  • FASTER SERVICE. Part of focusing in on fewer flavors and increasing quality also means decreasing the unimportant things we used to worry about. Result? faster service during the holidays.  

  • MORE TIME TO GET CREATIVE. Getting our head on straight about our priorities allows us more time to be imaginative and bring you new improvements, services, and products you didn't see coming. 

Bottom line there are dozens of reasons that flavors have to be cut from time to time, and what it means to you is all really good. 

We're Not Done Making New Flavors, In Fact, We've Just Started


Are you living on the wild side? Bored easily? Were you always excited by the fact that there's no way you could ever reasonably run out of flavors to try here at Lisa's? Don't worry, we are actually going to be making MORE new flavors than ever before! We will have a brand-new flavor here at Lisa's EVERY MONTH. 

Wait a minute... Didn't we just say we cut flavors? Yup! Our stock flavors are likely to remain somewhere in the 30s for now, but that's not going to stop us from making ONE TIME ONLY, exclusive flavors once a month.  



Once a month we will do a special LIVE episode of "The Pop Shop Show" where we highlight a brand-new flavor! This flavor will only be available in limited quantity and ONLY during the duration of the video.  Tune in to watch the show on our Facebook or Instagram pages on the 3rd Friday of each month at 6pm.  If you miss the video, you miss out on the new flavor... FOREVER. 

That way you get something fresh, and new, every month if you want, AND we don't keep it in stock to bog down the rest of the operation here at the shop. Our first new show will be coming to you LIVE on January 19th 2018 at 6:00pm for National Popcorn Day.  We've already made the new flavor and trust me, you won't want to miss this one!