Here at Lisa's we say, "Popcorn is for Parties!" We never imagined it could be so dark... and funny! If you're not ok with fictional corn-related homicide, time to look away.  For those who enjoy something a little different, here you go, God bless the internet for providing some of the strangest cartoons we've ever seen:


I feel like the bigger issue here Bob's lack of situational awareness.  How does he just NOT know that his homeboy EXPLODED not five feet away.  Get it together Bob, you should have seen this coming. 


We all new he never really 'popped' to his full potential anyway.  Also, you know what's messed up? Un-popped popcorn is literally referred to as "Old Maids" in the popcorn industry. I feel like that's sexist... and weird.  Maybe just "kernals?"   


Nothin' to see here folks. Keep it movin!


Yowza! Looks painful.  When will corn learn that the beach is NOT a good hang out.  Or maybe it is good... if there's a movie theater near by... ...  Is this how popcorn was invented? 


Someone should have taken mentioned this before the funeral.  I mean, what would the sprouts think! That could be traumatizing! 

There you have it! Some pretty disturbing stuff out there.  Hopefully at least one or two made you smile. Remember, "Popcorn is for Parties!" let your hair down, have fun, giggle a little, and of course, share our articles from 'Lisa's Story!."