When you think of America, you think of popcorn.  The only reason we gave you 6 reasons, is because we couldn't fit all 1776. Have a happy 4th!

1.  Popcorn was Invented in the Ancient Americas 

Earliest known popcorn was found in a cave in New Mexico from 5,600 YEARS AGO! Ancient Mayans and Incas used popcorn in jewelry, and in ceremonies.  

2.  By Volume, Popcorn is America's Favorite Snack Food

Did you know American's eat enough popcorn every year to fill the Empire State Building 18 TIMES???

3.  Charles Cretors (An American) Invented the First Automated Popcorn Popper

4.  More Popcorn is Grown in America Than Any Other Country

Nebraska is the number 1 state in production, all in all producing about 25% of American popcorn

5.  If You're Feeling Extra Patriotic, Gourmet Popcorn Might Be Up Your Alley 

Just try some of this Bald Eagle's Berries N' Creme

6.  In "Take Me Out To the Ball Game" Cracker Jacks are Mentioned by Name!

Take that cotton candy and hot dogs...