My name is Zack (AKA The Baron of Butter, The Prince of Pop, The King of the Kettle, The Sultan of Sweets, The Kernel Kid, AKA The Fastest Scoop In The West)  and my wife Brooke and I own Lisa's Passion for Popcorn in Kaysville Utah.  We love popcorn, we love our business, and if you've ever come in the store before you know most of all we love all of the corny jokes we get to make.  

Popcorn Puns are our Flavor-ite!

You could say popcorn puns are butter left unsaid, 

but I disagree! I'm gonna share a kernel of wisdom

with all of you.  A-maize-ingly popcorn is the number

one snack in America! You pop-ably never realized that!

If you're like me you have to con-seed it, you always

 eat a crop ton of it!  In-snack-ed, you probably

don't ear anyone asking you to share, but corn on man... 

You cob-ably ate your field.  


Let me husk you a question: would you ever 

as-salt anyone who popped over to your place

for movie night and forgot the popcorn? Shucks, 

you should scorn them for that! You can't skip the

cornerstone of movie night! I might pop them

in the cornea for that corned of behavior! Butter

yet, they cob have brought some Lisa's Popcorn to 

party.  That way, everybody will have a grain time.  


Thanks For Popping By!