Welcome back to the "Lisa's Story" blog where I share a little something about our family owned popcorn shop "Lisa's Passion for Popcorn."  This week we're tackling some popcorn history that I really hope you enjoy. 


Chicago is the birthplace of gourmet popcorn, and if you've ever been there you've probably seen shops all over the place.  It really all started back in the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago where an early version of Cracker Jacks was debuted.  The world had never really seen Caramel Corn before, and people went nuts for it!

This new salty and sweet treat rocked the nation and soon gourmet popcorn specialty shops were 'popping' up all over the place.  CLICK HERE to see "The Best 5 Popcorn Shops in the US" In fact, the United States consumes enough popcorn annually to fill the Empire State Building 18 times!!!

The biggest bucket of popcorn on earth!

The biggest bucket of popcorn on earth!

These specialty popcorn stores then started making all kinds of flavors including Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Apple Pie, Berries N' Creme, all with popcorn! America's favorite snack took on a new twist!

Sadly since the beginning of the specialty popcorn shops, not much has changed.  Maybe a new flavor here, or a bigger store there, but ultimately popcorn has been the same since the late 1800s... Until NOW... 

Introducing 'Lisa's Pop Box' the newest way to have the world's finest gourmet popcorn sent straight to your door.  No more long lines at the ballpark, no more fighting traffic at the mall to go to your favorite specialty store, just an endless variety of flavors shipped straight to your door every month.  Find out more at lisaspopbox.com.

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Don't worry, we've already started working on what 2093 could look like.