There is something about it. The crisp air, birds migrating, the cool wind and the warm sun. Autumn has a special feeling. Here in Utah, fall is a lovely time of the year where the temperature seems to be just right - even if it only lasts a week or two - and the holiday season begins. This time of year is perfect for getting family together, going to parks with your kids and friends, running through the leaves with your dog, or teaching a non-sport-enthusiast how football works. But here at Lisa’s we get excited for a different reason, the buttery, sweet smells of Caramel, Pumpkin Spice, Halloween Mix, and many more permeate throughout the shop and down the street. Fall is truly our favorite time of the year.

As school drags on, we enjoy taking a bag of Caramel in our lunch bags to bring a sweetness to our day. As family begins to gather for game night, we enjoy setting out a bowl of Pumpkin Spice or Kettle Corn to munch away our anxieties as we watch together. As our Halloween Spooktacular takes place, some well placed Halloween Mix adds the perfect crunch and color to homemade chocolate cupcakes. As we light the first bonfire of the season, surrounded by friends, some White Chocolate pairs nicely with the smores that are being charred into creation.

Happiness is indeed found in the little things in life. Enjoy this fall season - and call or stop in any time you could use a little help from Lisa’s.