We’ve all been there. We get invited to the awkward cousin’s son’s birthday party and just know that a gift is expected. What was his name? Timothy? Sam? The world may never know. But where will you find a gift for this mysterious cousin’s son of yours? Well you are in luck, because Lisa’s - through years of experimentation and thoughtful deliberation - has created the perfect combination of flavors to guarantee a thoughtful and delicious gift for everyone you know.


For your witch/vegan/health nut friends

Our Kettle corn popcorn is the perfect solution for these friends, guaranteed to fit their idea of what a snack should contain, and taste like. This flavor is made with whole grain popping corn, coconut oil, salt, and sugar - yep, that’s it. Not to mention that it is gluten free. This flavor quickly became one of our best sellers, and is sure to satisfy anyone.

For your children/friend’s children/cousin’s sons

As a classic and all time favorite in the eyes of our younger customers, Rainbow mix is sure to get a smile out of any child. Between its mesmerizing colors and mouth-watering fruity flavor, you will most definitely get the #1 gift-giver mug this year for Christmas.

For your employees

Own a business? Have a TA or assistant? You should know some of these people well enough to hold a conversation, but probably not well enough to pick out a shirt for them. Luckily, we are just a call away. Because of our variety of flavors, there is always an easy option that is sure to show your appreciation. Choose from any of our gourmet flavors. White Chocolate, Lemon Cream, and Raspberry Dream always hit the spot.

For your I-don’t-eat-anything-unless-it-is-drenched-in-hot-sauce friends

Somehow we have even appeased the needs of these friends, in fact, we have three great options. First is our Cheddar Cheese popcorn. This classic flavor - as we discovered through our ventures with the Popcorn Bar - pairs delightfully with Sriracha sauce. In fact, this became one of our most popular combinations!


Second, is our Jalapeno Cheddar, a favorite that we cut out at one point, but because of popular demand we have brought back!

Third, part of our new Lisa’s Signature line, is our Cajun popcorn. This flavor is made with simple, real ingredients, and is also rising to become one of our most popular flavors. Any of these three options are sure to get you some good hugs and high-fives.

For your sweet tooth friends

Let’s be honest, these friends are pretty easy to please, and lucky for you we have A LOT of options available. So let’s give you a good place to start. White chocolate is our all time #1 flavor, you just can’t go wrong. Sugar Cookie is another favorite that pairs well with our new Blue Raspberry. These two are perfect for parties and are an all around crowd-pleaser. And lastly is Cinnamon Roll. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. We send thousands of bags of this flavor to Kneaders every month because people just can’t get enough!

Popcorn is universally known as being tasty. There aren’t many people that don’t love popcorn, and those of you who don’t, haven’t tried Lisa’s yet. We’ve even hired people that don’t like popcorn, it’s all part of the conversion process - everyone ends up having a favorite they’d do just about anything to get their hands on. With Lisa’s, you know you’re giving away a quality gift, or receiving a quality gift that is bound for enjoyment. So don’t stress about your cousin’s son Timothy or Sam, we’ve got you covered.