1. What are your most popular flavors?

All of the flavors on our website are listed in order by popularity! White chocolate has always been our number one flavor, but kettle corn is sneaking its way up the list!


2. What are your hours?

Our hours change depending on the season, but you can always find them on our Facebook page, our website or on Google.

3. What holiday flavors do you have?

We have many seasonal flavors, the best way to keep track of what’s available is by following our Facebook and Instagram (@lisaspassionforpopcorn) where we will post about what flavors we are making. From Pumpkin Spice beginning in the fall and White Chocolate Peppermint during December, our pages will always keep you up to date.

4. How old do you have to be to work here?


We hire anyone 16+ and update our Facebook page when we are hiring!

5. How does the Popcorn Bar work?

In our shop you can choose the size, type of popcorn, drizzles, and toppings you want. It is a completely customizable experience, come check it out!

6. What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of our popcorn is always found on the back of every bag with a date that guarantees a fresh snack.

7. How long have you been in business?

Lisa established this company in 1984 and it has been growing and improving ever since!

8. When do you start making Pumpkin Spice?

This is one of our most popular flavors! Popcorn-istas and even our staff can’t wait for fall season because this flavor is to die for. We usually start making it around September, however, you can always check our Shop page to see if it’s available early!