We all know Kaysville is a small town, but there’s a lot to do if you know where to look. Kaysville has a long history, and a lot of unique things to try that are close by. So if you are ever in the area, here is what you can do in your spare time!


There are SO many beautiful hikes to try out in this area. One local favorite is Adam’s canyon. This hike is short, but leads to a lovely waterfall at the end. Donut falls is also very popular - and unique. This hike is fun during the winter and summer, it is very easy and an experience worth trying!


Antelope Island

This is a good way to tell a local from a visitor, almost any Utahn can tell you about Antelope Island! There is so much you can do here, from small hikes, to biking to the island, to just laying out with a good group of friends and looking at the stars. This is a unique and fun place to visit in the area, just remember to bring bug spray!


Cherry Hill

This fun spot is located just a few minutes outside of Kaysville. In the summer you can go swimming, play arcade games, and spend a day in the sun! In the fall the park is transformed into Scary Hill, and is the perfect place to play miniature golf!



At the foot of the Rocky Mountains is Lagoon, a popular amusement park with rides, Lagoon-a-beach, muscials, entertainment, food, and more! In the fall you will find yourself at Frightmares. During this time of the year you can go on rides with zombies, get makeup done, or go through one of their many haunted houses. This is a good way to spend your day with family and friends.


Main Street

This leads us to Main Street, our most historical. Here you can find boutiques, the Kaysville Theatre - another local favorite - and right next door: Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn. Here you can create your own popcorn masterpiece at Lisa’s Popcorn Bar, walk next door and watch a movie for only a few dollars, and grab some Aggie Ice Cream from Studio K on the way out!

We hope this gives you a few ideas on what to do when you find yourself in Kaysville; and if you’re a local, we hope this reminds you of all the fun you can have in our area!