Christmas is an especially hectic time of the year - specifically for you moms out there! With so many parties, gatherings, and gifts needing to be given, it’s no wonder we don’t want to think about one more thing we have to do. So - out of the kindness of our hearts - we have put together a list of what to bring to your Christmas occasions. If nothing else, the treat you bring can be an easy check on that Christmas list!

The Good Old Family Party:

Now, every family is different, however, there are some classics that you just can’t go wrong with! Namely: White Chocolate. This is our top flavor, which speaks for itself. Oh - your great grandparents will be there? Perfect, we promise they will devour this classic, delicious, popcorn.

The Work Party:


Awkward? Probably. Loud? Maybe. Super fun? Lucky. For this party you need a crowd-pleaser, not something just anybody could get anywhere, but also delicious across the board. For this party we recommend our White Chocolate Candy Cane. Something with a little extra something special, we promise you’ll be a hit!

The Friend Party:

Now, this party is expected to be especially fun. It is a time to be yourself, catch up on what everyone is up to, and of course: SNACK! Whether it becomes a game or just an addition to the overall experience, it is important to have great snacks when hanging out with good friends. Which is why we recommend Chicago Mix. The perfect combination of sweet and salty. Eat just caramel, just cheese, or grab a handful. It’s all up to you.


The Mutual Friend Party:

We all have been to those parties where a friend invites you and you don’t really know anyone there but out of the kindness of your heart you go; right? Now, these can be awkward, especially if your social skills are either not intact or you simply lost them from eggnog over-consumption. The solution? There’s two. You can either (1) bring your favorite flavor of popcorn and quietly enjoy yourself in the corner. Or (2), bring the Christmas Sampler Box, sharing the top six Christmas flavors and automatically becoming everyone’s friend. Both fair options.


Ultimately, your popcorn decisions are up to you and your all-knowing taste buds. Everyone has a favorite, and lucky for you we have plenty of options. So whether chocolate, cheese, or candied popcorn is your go-to, we are here to help you along the way and give you suggestions on size, flavor, and any other needs. Don’t be afraid to call us with questions, have fun at all of your parties, and of course: Have a Merry Christmas Season!