We all know Zodiac signs are supposed to predict your behaviors, preferences, and even futures. But no matter how you feel about their application to real-life, it’s still fun to see how closely they relate to you! We have put together a list of Zodiac signs and corresponding popcorn flavors, so grab a notebook, pen, and prepare yourself to find the perfect flavor for you and your friends (according to the stars - and us).

Aries -

Compassionate, impulsive, and sometimes brutally honest, if you’re an Aries you have a very strong personality. So, of course, Birthday Cake popcorn is the one for you! This flavor is strong, filled with sprinkles - and love -, and pairs perfectly with Aries personalities.



Those of you who are Taurus know that you are possessive, however, also reliable and responsible. It only makes sense that Caramel is the flavor for you. Caramel popcorn is reliable because - well - you just can’t go wrong! You can always turn to classic Caramel popcorn to be there and comfort you when you need it.



Gemini’s are adaptable, affectionate and curious. Because of this, the popcorn bar itself is perfect for you if you are a Gemini! Feed your curiosity with Lisa’s Popcorn Bar.


Imaginative, loyal and moody. If you are a Cancer, Rainbow Mix is perfect for you! This flavor is fun, with a different flavor for every color. However, even with all of the unique flavors, you just can’t go wrong with good old Rainbow Mix.



Leo’s are warm-hearted, cheerful and passionate! Just like Lisa’s Signature Kettle corn. Freshly made every week, this is a flavor we are passionate about because - trust us - it’s delightful.


Practical, loyal, and hard working. Our Chicago mix is hard work to make, but is absolutely worth it! With both Cheddar Cheese AND Caramel, it is a practical choice because it is both sweet an salty, and loyal because of it’s unique mix of classic flavors.


Charming, romantic, and flirtatious. Libra is an easy match with our White chocolate, this is our number one flavor; creamy, romantic… must we say more? In other words, just like a Libra, a romantic dream come true.


Those of you who are Scorpios are passionate, exciting, and impulsive. These qualities can be used to make you great. The popcorn flavor that pairs with you is our Cinnamon. This flavor is spicy, exciting, and one that not everyone can handle. However, if you can, will lead to an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience.



Straightforward and honest. Who doesn’t love a good Sagittarius? It’s no wonder that this Zodiac sign is represented by our most straightforward flavor, Butter and Salted Popcorn. With honest ingredients, and no special tricks except a seasoned kettle that we hand make every batch in, you’ll get the perfect bag every time. Pop by our shop for this straightforward classic flavor!


This Zodiac sign is said to be practical and reserved, just like our Cheddar cheese popcorn! This is a practical flavor, straight up cheddar cheese with no special tricks, just deliciousness.


Friendly, original and inventive. Aquarius is fun, unpredictable and innovative. If you are an Aquarius - or let’s be honest, anyone - our Blueberry Muffin is the flavor for you! A classic snack item reinvented into a yummy popcorn flavor you won’t find easily anywhere else. This isn’t your grandmother’s recipe (it’s Lisa’s).


Last but not least we have Pisces. These signs are empathetic, caring, and kind. Naturally this pairs with Sugar Cookie. What two things do you turn to when you’re feeling down? Popcorn and cookies. What did we do? Put them together. You’re welcome Pisces - and everyone else.


We hope this list helped you Discover Your Passion for your corresponding popcorn flavor; if not, we hope it was at least an entertaining list, again, according to the starts - and us. Please rate, comment, and even share this article with friends and family, let us know how accurate we really are!