Romance Fit for the Silver Screen

The Notebook

The Notebook

Romeo and Juliet? Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett? Kanye and ... .... Kanye? None of these romances share a love like Popcorn and Movies.  I don't know where it started, but by now there is something magic about grabbing a bag of popcorn before you start the movie, even if it's just a Red Box and you're in your PJs instead of dressing up to see it on the big screen.  Don't worry, that still counts!

The most important thing to understand is that while we all love our butter and salted movie theater corn, it's not the only way, and significantly, it's not always the right way.  Here at Lisa's we've created dozens of flavors to ensure you never mismatch your Friday night snack and entertainment combo again. Phew! I'm sure that was weighing heavily on you.  Let's get started.

Where to get Started

Back to the Futrue

Back to the Futrue

Great Scott Marty! Flavor pairings for popcorn and movies? Don't worry, you don't have to be 'Doc' to figure this out, even if there is a bit of 'Mad Science' involved.  

All you really need to do is consider the general feel and mood of the movie.  Is it a classic? Caramel could be a good choice here, or even the good old movie theater stuff! Romantic Comedy? Something sweet... and cute! Sugar Cookie would be my bet! Some movie that a 14-year-old video game obsessed boy would like? Easy. Mt. Dew.  See what I mean? Just have fun with it! You'll be surprised how much the right flavor will boost your movie experience.  Time to get to the next level folks.  You'll be living in 2028 soon. Now, for our Lisa's picks for popcorn-movie pairings: 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Chicago Mix


Good, bad. Light, dark. Sweet, Salty.  There are few things more compelling than the pull we feel between polarizing choices.  My answer? Why not both? Explore the force AND your taste buds with Chicago Mix.  Like "The Last Jedi" you may find something you weren't expecting. 

Coco - Rainbow


One thing is certain.  Any child from 2-8 years old LOVED Coco (And maybe I did too!... a lot). And any child from 2-8 years old is going to DRAIN a bag of Rainbow fast enough to make your head spin. But it goes deeper than that.  Coco is visually stunning, a complete range of bright colors are exploding off the screen for the whole movie, and what could possibly be more appropriate for a colorful, bright, family/kids movie than Lisa's Rainbow?

Jumanji - Mt. Dew


Video game turned into real life? The Rock? Kevin Hart? This is an easy choice.  You won't even need to grab a drink with this pairing since Lisa's Mt. Dew literally fizzes on your tongue! You're welcome. 

The Greatest Showman - Simply Passionate Popcorn (White Chocolate Cashew)


There were so many different directions to take this.  Caramel? Because that's the only flavor really existed back when P.T. Barnum and Co. were rollin'? Rainbow to represent the colorful excitement of the circus? Root Beer Float which also is a bit of an old-fashioned nostalgic flavor?

All of these choices were tempting, but ultimately there's only one that I thought worthy of this movie, Simply Passionate Popcorn.  White chocolate coated, milk chocolate drizzled which represents the sophistication and elegance of the life P.T. aspired too and in some ways attained, but with a few nuts (cashews) thrown in to represent the "freak-show" element of his career that made him famous.  

Popcorn and Movies Together Forever

Who knew popcorn and movies could get any better? Well now you know.  Thanks for reading, hopefully you found this article amusing and fun.  If you did please share it with a movie/popcorn buff you know could up their game.  Look out for new articles on "Lisa's Story," and thanks for poppin' by!