This Friday is January 19th, which may seem like just any other Friday until you realize it's NATIONAL POPCORN DAY! While many people don't realize that there even is a National Popcorn Day, it's something we take very seriously at Lisa's! So here is a 4 Step Guide to make sure you honor this special day properly.

Step 1: Party.

Kaysville Block Party 2018, Sponsored by Lisa's Passion for Popcorn

Kaysville Block Party 2018, Sponsored by Lisa's Passion for Popcorn

Popcorn is for parties. There is no other time to ever consider having popcorn.  It's for movies, weddings, ball games, and other incredibly awesome events.  It would be inappropriate then to do 'un-party' like things on National Popcorn Day.  No homework or taxes, no getting stuck in traffic and DEFINITELY no waiting in line at the Post Office.  If it's a day for popcorn, it's a day to party. 

Step 2: Select a Party Mood


What kind of party are you having? Is this a Christmas Party? Super Bowl Party? Mexican Style Fiesta? A Birthday Party? All of these questions are MASSIVELY important.  Otherwise how could you possibly select the perfect popcorn flavor to pair with your party's theme? 'Party Mood' is a critical component of an excellent National Popcorn Day celebration.  Jalapeño Cheese would be ridiculous at a Christmas Party themed popcorn party, and Birthday Cake White Chocolate is obviously a poor choice for a Super Bowl party. Don't be the one to make the worst of party fouls.

Step 3: Never Pay Full Price on National Popcorn Day

ooooh... baby!

ooooh... baby!

Do you know what is decidedly lame and un-party like? Paying full price for your party.  Do you know what sounds better? 50% any flavor of popcorn you can imagine.  That, is where we here at Lisa's come in.  In store or online we will have 50% off all flavors, all sizes, all day.  Party win. 

Step 4: Watch "The Pop Shop Show"


As most of you have heard already, "The Pop Shop Show" is BACK! We're excited to be reviving our Youtube Channel to bring you flavors you've never seen before! We will be going LIVE on Facebook and Instagram this Friday at 6PM MST.  Get an inside look at the shop, get to know the crew that makes the magic happen, and most importantly as a viewer, you'll get access to a flavor that will NEVER be sold in store! Can't wait to see you! 

Happy National Popcorn Day!