Zack and Lisa come together to discuss how Lisa's passion came to be, and to make some yummy gooey marshmallow popcorn!

Since 1984 we have had a passion for creating delicious, innovative recipes that defy the possibilities of one of America's favorite snacks.  For the past 33 years, we have been striving to perfect our products so that you too can discover your passion for popcorn. 

Our founder, Lisa married into the Call family in 1983.  Her father-in-law, Bill Call made caramel popcorn from a long standing family recipe in the backroom the Capitol and Roy theater's to sell at their concession stand.  Lisa was interested and Bill saw the opportunity to teach Lisa this skill that had run in the family for generations. 

Lisa got busy making Caramel, Cheese, and Cinnamon popcorn out of the back room of the Roy Theater.  One such busy day Lisa found herself out of Cinnamon oil, and sent Bill to the drug store to buy sucker oil to see if it would work as a substitute to the Cinnamon oil she was using.  Sure enough, the oil was a success, and Lisa realized the potential of flavored popcorn on a bigger scale.

Original business card from early 1980s.  Made before "Lisa's Passion for Popcorn" was officially founded in 1984. 

Eventually, Lisa found herself Christmas Eve staying past midnight to fill a large order.  The next day she showed up for Christmas dinner with blisters on her feet and hands from the long night of cooking.  She told Bill that she was done with the popcorn business.  Bill said to take a week off and not to worry. They could discuss it after the new year.  When Lisa returned, Bill had given her the priceless gift of her first electric kettle.  Lisa was back in the popcorn business. 

Years later, 'Lisa's' now has five electric kettles and a 32oz high capacity popcorn popper in a commercial kitchen, producing over 60 different flavors of popcorn that are known throughout the region.  Although there isn't an old copper kettle in a movie theater's back room anymore, her popcorn is still noted for its innovative flavors and unparalleled quality. 

Bill passed away in 2011 with plenty of time to see his daughters business go from a prep table in the back room of the Roy Theater to a thriving production facility located in downtown Kaysville, Utah. 

In 2016 after 32 years creating the world's finest gourmet popcorn Lisa retired to enjoy being a grandma full time, and working hard as General Manager of the Kaysville Theater (Bill Call's primary business).  She turned the reigns over to her youngest son, Zack Call and daughter-in-law, Brooke Call. 

Lisa's signature still proudly displayed on every bag of popcorn.

They continue to hold the high standards for Lisa's recipes that she always insisted on, which is why every bag of Lisa's Popcorn proudly bears Lisa's signature on the front label.  

We hope you will enjoy the great popcorn this legacy has brought, and that you too will discover your passion for popcorn.