Since 1984 we have had a passion for developing and creating delicious, innovative recipes that defy the possibilities of a snack food that is believed to date back 4000 years ago in Mexico.  For the past 30 years, we have been striving to perfect our products so that you too will discover your passion for popcorn. 

Lisa married into the Call family in 1983.  Her father-in-law, Bill Call made caramel popcorn from a long standing family recipe in the backroom the Capitol and Roy theater's to sell at their concession stand.  Bill had two sons, neither of whom had an interest in learning this family recipe.  When Lisa entered the Call family, Bill saw the opportunity to teach Lisa this skill that had run in the family for generations. 

After passing the recipe onto Lisa, she decided that some major alterations were needed to perfect this long standing recipe.  Bill and Lisa worked to create their own recipe for Carmel Popcorn.  Working out of the backroom of the Roy Theatre, Lisa sold the new Caramel Popcorn as well as Cinnamon and Cheese.  On one busy day Lisa found herself out of Cinnamon oil, and sent Bill to the drug store to buy sucker oil to see if it would work as an adequate substitute to the Cinnamon oil she was used to using.  Sure enough, the oil was a success, and it began the idea of flavored popcorn.  She began using the various sucker oil's to create other flavors of popcorn such as rainbow and mint. 

As time passed, Lisa found herself on a Christmas Eve night staying late to fill a large order for a doctors office.  Tired and exhausted, Lisa showed up for Christmas dinner the next night with blisters on her feet and hands from the long night of cooking.  That night she told Bill that she was done with the popcorn business.  Bill understood and told her to take the week off and said that they could discuss it after the new year.

When Lisa returned, Bill had bought her her first electric kettle.  After trying the new kettle out, and altering her flavored recipes, Lisa found herself back in the popcorn business.  Years later, Lisa now has five electric kettles and a 32oz high capacity popcorn popper all apart of her commercial kitchen, producing over 75 different flavors of popcorn that are shipped all across the world.  Although she doesn't use sucker oil and a copper kettle anymore, her popcorn is still noted for its innovative flavors and supreme quality. 

Bill passed away in 2011 with plenty of time to see his daughters business go from a prep table in the back room of the Roy Theater to a thriving production facility located in downtown Kaysville, Utah.  While many things have changed since the beginning, Lisa's number one flavor still remains her classic Caramel recipe, and the kitchen still closes down for a week immediately following Christmas. 

We hope you will enjoy the great popcorn this legacy has brought, and that you too will discover your passion for popcorn.